Coach, Trainer, Educator, Facilitator, Mentor, Creator, Solution-Focused Thinker

The journey has to be designed and driven by you. We are but guides and facilitators. We offer options, structures and support. We empower you to have informed independence, you hold the keys to your own success.

I am an international consultant in coaching, facilitation, creative and behavioural education, communication, capacity building, strategic thinking, relationship building and professional / personal development .

I have taught for the past thirteen years in primary, secondary and further education, as well as alternative education settings

I was also associate director for a London based theatre company for seven years and was responsible for designing and running accredited courses.

As a consultant to The Open Society Foundation I have run presentations, seminars and trainings on intergenerational relationships, solution focused thinking, the ’causes and cures’ of confrontation, conflict resolution and Police interaction at The Institute of Human Rights Denmark, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Open Society Youth Initiative Budapest and at a Roundtable on Current Debates and at The John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York.


I successfully designed and ran an international program on challenging ethnic profiling, which facilitates a dialogue and develops relationships between  police, youth and community.

I have also coached and facilitated on capacity building with NGOs in Central Asia and was a consultant to The London Mayor’s Office and the NHS/CAMHS in 2012.

I was a consultant and Debate in the Neighbourhood Coordinator for IDEA UK (The International Debate Education Association United Kingdom) involved in curriculum design, outreach, PR, event management and debate training from 2011 -2013.

I have been a consultant to The Foundation For Jimmy since 2013, IDEA NL (The International Debate Education Association Netherlands), Rathfern, Torridon, Elfrida, Beecroft Garden and I’m co-founder of Wisdom Connects, a social enterprise aimed at promoting emotional wellbeing and mental health.

I am a member of the Association for Coaching, a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts, a member of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers and Founding Member of Obonjan Festival Island.

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Vicki Paterson, DBE

Vicki Paterson, DBE

Executive Headteacher, Brindishe and Lee Manor Schools

“We have worked with Talmud in our schools for many years and he brings so much to our learning and achievement .Working alongside staff of all age groups in our very diverse community he is flexible, creative and inspiring. Talmud supports and adds to our curriculum offer with real quality and ingenuity.  Through his counselling and mentoring he brings something extra, different and special that makes each experience outstanding. He is a very valued professional and a much loved colleague.”

Louis Weinstock

Louis Weinstock

Psychotherapist and Wellbeing Consultant at A Quiet Evolution

“Talmud has outstanding interpersonal skills, is a creative thinker and group facilitator, and brings to his work a calm, measured, and compassionate approach.”

Simon Jones

Simon Jones

Director of Schools at For Jimmy

“Talmud is larger than life, full of passion, love and energy and has an easy and natural relationship with everyone. Sessions delivered by Talmud and his team are well researched, prepared and always delivered with a passion. Everyone learns and moves forward, including Talmud who is listening and seeking to develop and perfect his practice.”

Jeremy Philips

Jeremy Philips

Jeremy Philips Consulting

“I have worked with Talmud in several contexts and have always been so impressed by the quality of his interactions with colleagues or funders.  Talmud has a unique ability seen in the best of trainers and facilitators: Through his gentle, probing spirit and diverse toolkit, he creates space for discovery, innovation, necessary discomfort, and solutions.  He makes the difficult seem effortless.  The tense becomes playful. The opaque turns clear.”



“My vision is to inspire and enhance the quality of interaction of others personally, professionally and emotionally. To enable people to develop efficient, empathetic communicative and interactive skills and foster collaboration and problem solving  by using my diverse experience and skill set, my unique perspective and insight, and my belief in the untapped potential, integrity, and limitless capacity of human beings.”

Core values

  • To  enhance the quality of interactions of people in their personal and professional lives all over the world
  • To develop and facilitate the collaborative, interactive and communicative skills of people, in response to their needs and aspirations
  • To use a diverse range of experience and skills to improve the learning development and efficiency of a diverse range of people
  • To work with and support conflicting groups to develop empathy, understanding and equality


“My intention is to always inspire and uplift. To be responsive and sensitive enough, to offer what is needed on many different levels.”


“Management is about facilitating and providing structures which enable and empower people to manage themselves. To offer support and guidance or advice when your team needs a sounding board, with an aim to encouraging and fostering self direction.”


“Life is like a book that never closes and never ends and the pages are blank, because it’s for you to fill”.


“One of the main components of being a human being is to be creative. We can’t help but be creative. Your mind creates whilst you sleep and when you wake, you start creating the structure of your day. Creativity is transferable undefined conscious energy, that adapts and evolves”.


Support, Self Confidence and Collaboration

“The journey has to be made and driven by the person. We are but guides and facilitators. We offer options, structures and support.  What we are trying to encourage is informed independence, a collaborative point of working and sharing ideas. When you have that informed confidence in what you feel and choose to do, you come to collaborate and share much easier because you are not insecure or precious, about that which you have to offer”.

Knowing Yourself

“It’s important to come freshly to what you do and nurture yourself as a person. That way you come to your work fresh and ready to give, because your needs are already being met”.


“As you step into the world it’s an infinite cosmos. It’s the principle of exploration and understanding and its boundless. You learn about yourself through others, learning new things. Each day is a new experience even if you’re going to the same place or working in the same area, each day is a new day. You might wake up a completely different person from the one you were the day before”.

Sensitivity and Responsiveness

“People have a lot of feelings and emotions and we need to be in a place to manage that. Even if people appear to be rude or aggressive in their manner, you’ve got to put them at ease and not get caught up in their emotions. It’s about having emotional investment and emotional distance at the same time, maintaining the boundaries and focus, through your role and purpose”.

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