Sometimes it can be a challenge to get things done, when under no pressure at all…

But when you have a lot on your plate, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

The pressures we have take many forms

  • Work pressures, long hours, deadlines to meet, new projects to manage
  • Work/life balance, by the time you get home, you feel emotionally, mentally and physically drained with no energy for the people you care about
  • Managing a house, a family, supporting everyone and meeting emotional expectations
  • Studying, revising, pressure of exams, trying to find a job

The pressures we face vary, depending on who we are and what stage we are at, in the journey of life…

But how do we ensure that we actually meet our objectives and do the things we need to do?

Here are a few suggestions that could help…

The eye of the eagle

First take a ‘bird’s eye view’ at all the things going on in your life and list them, e.g.:

Family, friends, partner, work , university etc.

If it helps you could write them down, to get it out of your head and give you a visual focus.

Top three

Then prioritise three things that you need to deal with or complete in the near future.

Top of the list:

  • Out of the three things, prioritise the one that needs the most immediate attention.
  • Now look at your top pick in detail.
  • What is it that needs to be done and why?
  • When does it need to be done by?
  • What steps do you need to take to make it happen?
  • Sometimes it can be helpful to give yourself a deadline/date to complete your prioritised task.

You can work through the rest of your top three using this method, then repeat the process again with the other areas of  your life, you feel need attention.

The importance of slowing down and taking small steps

When we think about all the things we need to do at once, it all just becomes a monstrous mass of pressure, stress and tension but…

If we can slow down, breath and remember that the things we have in our lives are there because we chose them, we can then break them up and look at them one by one, step by step.

I hope this has been helpful.

Talmud Bah

Founding Director

Talmud Bah Consulting